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Learn how Loan Officers of all levels can close more loans and increase referrals in ANY market, even when rates are going up...

by getting a quick "Tune Up" on a few specific sales techniques.

How it works

Clients want to feel connected and have a good relationship with the person who is handling one of the largest financial transactions in their lives. A mortgage is big deal for them.

Yet, most loan officers don't do a very good job of connecting with their prospects or building a strong relationship with them.

Most Loan Officers use the same sales language and techniques all the time,
with all their clients..

Today, everyone has low rates and pretty much the same offers. Everyone sounds the same to the client, who has probably visited several lender websites and looked at many offers.

It's hard to stand out today. When you get the chance to talk to a prospect, this is your chance to stand out.

If you want to maintain business and even thrive today, you have to move your game forward and build stronger relationships faster so you can lock in more business.

Giving your phone and sales skills a little "tune up" is critical in this market.

We teach you proven sales techniques which will help you create stronger relationships with your prospects and clients faster. We have used these methods all the way back to when rates were over 11%.

When you get our video training today, you'll get access to start watching our proven training right away. You'll have a "quick start" guide to show you exactly where to get started based on your experience.

To ensure your success in this rough market, you'll get 2 Free Coaching Calls to help you, one right away to get you started and another later to help you dial in what you learn.

We're making it easy for you to "re-tune" your sales skills for today's market, so you can make faster headway.

Give yourself a little "Sales Tune Up" with our online video training today and start closing more business while most of your competition is trying to figure out how to survive.

How easy is it to take advantage of our program?

  • Step 1 - Click the button below to learn more about the our proven sales training on the next page. Hear others tell you about the gains they made with John's training. Then get access and get started.
  • Step 2 - Take advantage of the Free Coaching call with John on top of the videos and manual you'll have access to. Let us help you get started the right way.
  • Step 3 - After you go through the video training, use your 2nd Free Coaching Call with John to fine tune what you've learned and start closing more deals.

Who this is for...

Mortgage Originators

This is for you. It doesn't matter if your title is Loan Officer, Mortgage Planner, Mortgage Specialist, or anything else.

If you offer loans this will help you close more deals in today's tough market. You'll make stronger connections with your prospects and move them toward closing much easier.

You are not selling in an ultra-low rate environment anymore. There are fewer qualified prospects. Now is the time to take advantage of proven tools and techniques to close more loans.

Team Leaders

If you run a team or sales floor, you know how important it is for your sales team to get your numbers up and stay consistent.

Today, that's a tough trick to pull off. Give your team a "tune up" on their sales skills and rebuild the foundation their production will leap forward from.

Anyone could sell loans when rates were under 4%. Now we're looking at what could be a long term market with an overall trend of rising rates.

Take advantage of our training and help your team thrive while other companies try to survive.

Owners / Managers

Could you use more production from your teams or sales floor?

Leverage our training with one team or office and see your numbers go up.

Then talk to us about getting all of your people in every office moving in the same direction, closing more loans and creating more happy clients.

What Owners and Managers Say About Our Training

"Having you recommended to my division by our then company President, was one of the best things that happened to our division. You brought us your simple to use tools that have allowed us to have immediate and consistent improvements in our production and improved lead quality/quantity."
Richard G.V.P. Retail Sales for GMAC Mortgage
"After implementing and using the techniques I learned with John, I found myself a believer. His training REALLY WORKS! John really covers everything in a more detailed way than I've ever seen, showing how to deal with a diverse group of clients and expanding the LO's closing and service abilities."
Edwin D.Mortgage Specialist
"John, during the training and managing your dedication to do what it takes far exceeded my expectations as well as my client's. More than 600 agents were trained, 32 supervisors, and three assistant managers. I appreciate the long hours you spent each day training and rolling out the client accounts."
Kathy SiskOwner - Kathy Sisk Corp.
Ethical Sales Training
Yep. John's Sales Training was the first, and as far as we know, only Loan Officer Sales Training which received a letter of approval for ethics and compliance, from the California Association of Mortgage Brokers.

John's training has always been based on the best way to build trust and rapport with your prospects. His tools will help you get to the root of what the client wants in a way they will feel respected and listened to.

With John's tools, you'll keep the conversation on track and will keep moving forward toward the sale, without any gimmicks or tricks. Remember, clients today want transparency more than ever.
Here's why getting a quick "Sales Tune Up" is more important than ever if you want to start closing more business in today's market...
Increasing your conversions is the key to winning in the market we're in today.

Rates are always moving and you never know when they'll be in the near future. It makes sense to get as much business closed as possible when rates make it easy. It also makes sense to be prepared to work smarter when rates are working against you. John's training helps you succeed in any market.

Qualified Prospects are getting harder to find.

Purchase business is shrinking. Home prices are going up in many areas and rates are not helping sales.

Refinances started heading downward as rates rose.

You need to make the most of every qualified lead you can get.

This market calls for different sales skills than the low rate market did. It's tougher now. You need to use tools and techniques which are better suited to this market.

The University for Loan Officer's Video Training can help you do this quickly.

We're even going to give you a few bonuses to help you succeed faster and beyond your expectations.

Bonus #1 - 30 Minute Coaching Call to accelerate your success as you get started.

Bonus #2 - A 2nd 30 Minute Coaching Call to help you dial in what you've learned.

Now click the button below to learn more about John's training and you'll clearly see how you could benefit from his training too.
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